Our consultants have extensive experience in specifying, installing,configuring, supporting and administering standalone and networked
computer installations, ranging from standalone DOS based IBM PCs in the 1980s to complex datacentre based Unix, Linux and Windows servers and workstations today. We still, however, strive to support local businesses and clients with the same enthusiasm and expertise as we supply to our national and international clients.

As well as general IT and Unix / Linux support, we also offer a comprehensive web design and hosting service, including domain
registration, email hosting and forwarding, and web graphic design.

We can also supply and support a range of IT security products and services, both commercial and open source based to protect your IT
investment.. And now, we can also supply a comprehensive range of Telecommunications products, including Fax-to-Email, BT lines and VOIP solutions to suit your needs

Unix and Linux Support.

Installation and support of your Unix hardware and operating systems can be a time consuming operation. Whether your needs are based on
Solaris, Linux, FreeBSD, HP/UX, AIX or IRIX, we can help.

We can install and configure your operating systems and applications, as well as providing on-going support and one offs such as hardware
and software upgrades and system moves.

With over 25 years experience in a variety of fields, including National and Local Government, banking, energy, automotive and ISP
environments, our consultants are ideally placed to offer support to a wide range of businesses

We are pleased to offer support for all the major Linux distributions, from a single server, providing simple printer, file or internet connection sharing, to complex networked Linux and Linux/Windows environments.

Whether you’re a small business seeking out alternatives to expensive commercial applications, or just seeking to prolong the useful working
life of your older computing equipment, we will be happy to discuss your needs, and propose solutions that may well save your company
serious money.

Users in educational environments, who may be unhappy with the spiraling cost of upgrading and supporting their existing infrastructure, may be pleasantly surprised at just how reliably, and economically, their computing networks can run. It is possible to re-use previously redundant, older computing equipment in a terminal server environment, giving extremely low cost alternatives to purchasing new equipment.

Please feel free to contact us with any Unix, Linux of FreeBSD requirements that your company may need. Find out just how easy it can
be to integrate these products into your business IT infrastructure.

Web Services.

At Hauraki Systems, we pride ourselves in the quality and expertise that we bring to any client’s web based systems, but as well as our
comprehensive web authoring and graphics service, we also offer several other very important web and internet services.

Web Sites.

Whatever your requirements, from a one page site, advertising your company’s products or services, to a highly interactive company
brochure, incorporating, for example, price lists, in-depth product information and company newsletters, we will be able to satisfy them.

CCTV systems.

Based around open-source technologies, giving the opportunity to monitor indoor and outdoor locations, with the ability to remotely
store images and videos in real-time.

SAN/NAS systems.

Either commercial or open-source products enabling mass storage to be added to your existing network infrastructure.

Monitoring systems.

Enabling businesses to monitor their entire computing infrastructure. Normally, these systems are extremely expensive but utilising
open-source products, enterprise-wide monitoring solutions can be available to all.


We can supply a range of servers, either built to individual specifications, or as pre-built appliances.

Web, file, print,  email and FTP servers can be supplied either as individual products, or in any combination to suit individual needs.

Anti Virus and Firewalls.

We can supply and install a variety of Anti-Virus and Firewall products
– please feel free to contact us for a quote. Alternatively we are adept at installing, configuring and supporting a variety of open-source alternatives.